Areas of expertise

Company law

  • Preparation and registration of founding documents for companies, their branches and representative offices.
  • Preparation of company statutes, regulations and rules of managing bodies.
  • Organisation of meetings of shareholders (members) or other managing bodies; preparation of decisions and minutes of the company’s managing bodies.
  • Representation of shareholders (members) in their relationship with other shareholders (members), and company.
  • Preparation of shareholders (members) agreements.
  • Preparation of company reorganisation projects and coordination of company reorganisation procedures.
  • Consultancy, document preparation and company representation in cases of restructuring, winding-up and bankruptcy.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and licences for companies from the state and municipal institutions.
  • Consultancy and preparation of documents on matters related to company merger, association, reorganisation, acquisition and sale.

Real Estate and Construction Law

  • Assessment of real estate projects, plus advice.
  • Preparation of preliminary and principal real estate purchase-sale, rent, leasing and other contracts.
  • Preparation of projecting works agreements, construction independent work agreements, and agreements on technical supervision of construction works.
  • Representation in dealings with state and municipal institutions which are responsible for issuing permits for real estate transactions and construction works.
  • Representation in dealings with state and municipal institutions which are responsible for preparing, issuing and sanctioning of territory planning documents.
  • Assistance in restoration of the rights of ownership to the existing real property.

Labour Law

  • Consultation on conclusion and termination of employment contracts and collective agreements, also other labour law issues.
  • Preparation of employment contracts and collective agreements, also agreements on termination of employment contract.
  • Preparation of work regulations and job instructions. Consultations on work safety matters.
  • Representation in labour disputes at the pre-trial instances and in courts; preparation of procedural documents.
  • Representation in material damage, caused by the employee to the employer, recovery cases, in cases of remuneration of damages caused to the employees’ health.

Tax Law

  • Consultation on Lithuanian and European Union tax law issues for legal and natural persons.
  • Representation of Client’s interests in tax inspection.
  • Preparation of official explanations and replications.
  • Representation in tax disputes with the State Tax Inspectorate, the Commission of Tax Disputes and in courts.

Bank Law and Finances

  • Consultations on the establishment of financial institutions, obtaining of licences for financial activities, and on the activities of financial institutions.
  • Assessment of financial projects; representation at financial institutions.
  • Preparation of crediting, leasing, factoring and other documents, necessary for lending or finance matters.
  • Consultations on the settlement of accounts and payments (letters of credit, cheques, bills of exchange, etc.).
  • Consultations in various transactions, including property acquisition, financing, bank loans and guarantees, ownership, leasing, property management and development, secured transactions, etc.

Competition Law

  • Consultation on legislative issues relating to concluding and concluded agreements.
  • Representation of undertakings’ interests in disputes, concerning agreements, which restrict competition, and the application of sanctions for the conclusion of such agreements.
  • Consultation and representation of Clients whose interests have been violated by restrictive competition activities.
  • Consultation and representation in unfair competition cases.
  • Consultation and representation in cases of the granting of state aid.
  • Appeals of the Competition Council’s decisions and Client representation in courts.